Production and service

The plant is situated in an industrial area of František in Horní Suchá, where there were a new manufacturing hall and an administrative part built in 2009 and where the firm moved in January 2010.  

Moving into new premises could help the firm to expand its production and what is more, the industrial zone provides the possibility to use machines and equipment of other firms there due to their cooperation.

The manufacturing part of the hall covers the area of ca 400 m2 and it is designated for the steelwork production, pipe embedments (primary and secondary) and pipe spools. The machine equipment includes the machines for material parting - a semiautomatic hack saw and highly powerful HP plasma engine ALPHATOME 25. The hall also provides 5 fully equipped workplaces for welding, both of carbon and stainless steel. The workshop can also provide the plastic pipe welding thanks to 2 welding machines of the firm +GF+.  

HP plasma engine ALPHATOME 25 epitomizes the alternative to laser cutting and is designated to precision plasma cutting of sheet plates from unalloyed and stainless steel and light alloys. It provides precision cutting, mainly of sheet plates of the 0,5 to 20 mm thickness. For more details look here.

The manufacturing premises include also the lockmith´s workshop which is designated for machine devices amendment and for pumps and agitators maintenance service. Material and goods handling is arranged (besides a forklift) by a portal crane with lifting capacity of 5 tons.

The hall is used for the various products production, from precise cut shapes, semiproduced materials and parts designated for other production to finished products in required surfacing from construction and stainless steel, for example technological constructions, platforms, pipe bridges, pipe supports etc. We can also provide pipe spools for bigger orders.

At the end of the year 2013 the production area doubled due to the second hall construction which is designated mainly to metal forming. The machine equipment includes CNC sheet turning machine Durmazlar HRB-4 2016, NC tube bender Durmazlar PBH 100, a lathe, universal and horizontal cutters. There is also an installation of press brakes and hydraulic scissors being prepared. The expansion of production possibilities will help the firm to ensure the metal forming mainly by its own strenghts. The production in the new hall was launched in summer of the year 2014.

The production capacity is used both for prefabrication of implemented projects and also for external customers which includes deliveries of technological constructions, pipe supports, workpieces, precision cut shapes and others. Customers are also offered the free production capacity for cooperation (material parting, metalworking, forming) in the both halls. Thanks to the existing equipment and qualified staff we can offer both individual and large-scale production.