About us

was established in 2002 and since its beginning has had its seat in the City of Ostrava. The production and technical part was moved into newly built premises in the František - Horní Suchá Industrial Zone in January 2010 and in February 2011 its seat moved to 1881/4 U Staré Elektrárny Street, Ostrava.

At present the Company activities are divided into four basic spheres - implementation of technological unitsHVAC (air-conditioning, cooling, heating), maintenance activities and the representation of  Flowrox - progressive cavity and peristaltic hose pumps manufacturer
The sphere of the implementation of technological units focuses mainly on supplies and erections of pipe units and machinery, however, the greater part is now represented by desulfurization projects. Final customers are mainly companies from power industry, chemical industry and pulp and paper industry.

In the sphere of HVAC the Company focuses mainly on supplies and installations of air- conditioning and ventilation systems, both for the customers in the sphere of home building as well as for industrial applications.
The maintenance services has been providing long-term services mainly in the sphere of pulp and paper industry. The Company ensures mainly professional service and repairs of pumps and agitators as well as other machine equipments.

Since 2013 the Company represent in Czech republic and Slovakia company Flowrox, manufacturer of progressive cavity and peristaltic hose pumps.

The Company ensures for its customers projects of different size and types - from the regular service, execution of standstill works to a complex implementation of supplies in the sphere of great investment units.